Thursday, March 29, 2007

Random Jukebox

In The Dice Man, novelist Luke Reinhart proposed making all of your decisions by rolling a dice. That’s clearly nuts. Using a jukebox to make all your decisions is a far more practical proposition.

Choose a random number (it will vary depending on what kind of jukebox you’re planning to use, but it will probably be four digits). Go to a bar, preferably one that has a jukebox. If you have to visit a few bars in order to find one, it’s only polite to have a drink in each. Once you have your jukebox, feed in your buck and key in your number. The song that comes up will be your guide for the following day.

Rolling Stones’ ‘Wild Horses’? You could take it literally and try to tame a horse. You could take a ride on a carousel. Or you could refuse to go away from somewhere: it’s your call. Joe Cocker doesn’t provide a lot of room for interpretation with his ‘Leave Your Hat On’, but it’s up to you which hat you choose. Tina Turner’s ‘Simply the Best’ may inspire you to give trophies to some of your more outstanding colleagues, friends and family members. Warrant’s ‘She’s my Cherry Pie’ is a clear invitation to take the day off and work on your pie recipe (if you need a ‘cool drink of water’ while working, go right ahead).

Repeat daily until you run out of songs, or until you select NWA’s ‘F*** the Police’.

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