Wednesday, March 07, 2007

How about that local sports team?

Does your suburb have a sporting team? How about your local school? Find out when they’re playing their next game and what their name and colors are. Get some of your braver friends together, dress up in team colours and go to the game. If you’re feeling extra keen, or really want to enjoy the experience, make up some cheers to egg the team on. If you happen to have a soft toy representing the team’s mascot, why not bring that along too? The main thing is enthusiastic participation: you may be the only people there, watching some ten-year-olds play field hockey or some university students playing a casual game of flag football, but you should treat it like the Super Bowl or the AFL grand final.

If you can (and if their dads won’t beat you up), get the players’ autographs at the end of the game.